"We will respect and protect the environment and community in which we operate by maintaining an
environmentally responsible approach in producing our products and leading the industry in environmental

With these words set forth in the company's Mission Statement, we commit ourselves to a policy of
using the earth's natural resources wisely and conservatively.

For example, we collect, neutralize, and filter our process wastewater before sending it to the city of
Mobile's wastewater treatment plant. Rainwater that falls within our process area is captured and diverted
to holding ponds where it is analyzed far ph before we send it to the municipal wastewater treatment facility.
Water quality samples are routinely analyzed and the data monitored by state and federal agencies.
We do not discharge any process water into area waterways. Rainwater falling beyond the boundaries of
our process area is also monitored through bi-weekly inspections of stormwater drainage areas and sampled
according to the best management practices (BMP) in our stormwater management plan.

High-tech pollution control devices throughout the plant reduce our air emissions to a level that meets
or exceeds all local, state and federal environmental protection requirements, a level deemed by all of
those agencies to have an insignificant impact on air quality in our community. To ensure continued minimum
impact, we work with those agencies to measure and report emissions levels by engaging in consistent,
routine monitoring.

With a focus on recycling and source reduction, we are committed to an ongoing process of waste
minimization. Any waste generated at the plant is properly disposed of in an EPA-approved manner.
Our environmental stewardship and continual strive for excellence is reflected by our achievement of
ISO 14001 certification. All employees are trained and expected to follow our Environmental Policy that
focuses on three key areas: Continual improvement to meet or exceed Environmental Goals; Reduction and
Recycling of waste over disposal; and Compliance with all Federal and State Environmental Regulations. By
protecting our natural resources today, we ensure that we will be able to enjoy the earth's abundance for
generations to come. In this way, High-Purity Silicon America Corporation continuously renews its commitment to achieving a
Continuum of Quality.